DiversityCanada Foundation

The DiversityCanada Foundation, a non profit organization that promotes Northern Ontario as a great place to live and work, and the publishers of this website, organized an essay competition called the Essay Contest to hear what youth of the region think about the region. The theme was: “Why should any youth choose to live and work in Northern Ontario.”

The contest was open to all youth between the ages of 16 and 30 in the geographic region covered by Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (ie from Nipissing and Parry Sound to Kenora).

Prize Winner
From left to right: David Kilgour,Publisher of the Sudbury Star, representing Osprey Media Group; second prize winner Mary Brohart ; Aime Dimatteo, Executive Director of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation; first prize winner Dawn Elmore. Photo by Kaija Mailloux.
Honourable Mention
From left to right: Melina Schetakis,honourable mention prize winner;Johanna Kristolaitis, DiversityCanada Foundation writer;Celia Sankar,DiversityCanada Foundation Executive Director. Photo by Kaija Mailloux.

Winning Essay