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About the Elliot Lake
Seniors Skills Database


The Elliot Lake Seniors Skills Database Project is an initiative to collect information from seniors wishing to volunteer and to compile a database about their unique skills, talents, and experiences. Once this is complete, the DiversityCanada Foundation will be able to facilitate the matching of senior volunteers with volunteer opportunities within our organization and within other organizations in our community. This project will be ongoing for 12 months but the database is intended to become a valuable resource for community organizations who rely on volunteers in Elliot Lake.

This project is intended to provide Elliot Lake with a long-term resource to promote ongoing participation by seniors in the community through volunteerism. The complete database and web portal will present seniors with a multitude of opportunities to participate in the community where their involvement is sought out. This database promotes seniors as active participants in the community and therefore also reduces the risk of seniors becoming socially isolated. Federal funding for the project is provide by ServiceCanada through its New Horizons for Seniors program.

Project Activities:

In order to promote the Elliot Lake Seniors Skills Database Project and senior volunteerism, our campaign will stretch across media such as radio, newspapers and television. Among the activities planned are community breakfast meetings, volunteer opportunity fairs, data collection drives, and the building of the database, which will be available through this web portal.

Volunteering on this project:

We hope to have volunteers get active and participate in liaising with other community organizations, disseminating information, collecting data, and organizing and running information sessions or volunteer fairs. Volunteers are the foundation of this project and we look forward to welcoming as many volunteers as we can get. Every person has unique skills and experience which can help the community. We look forward to your support.

The Database:

Information collected for the Elliot Lake Seniors Skills Database is strictly used to facilitate communication between seniors who wish to volunteer and organizations in Elliot Lake that have volunteer opportunities. We respect your privacy and give you the assurance that the DiversityCanada Foundation will never sell or trade your information. Access to the Database is restricted to designated officials of organizations that have registered to participate in the project.

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